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Samdarko Eltosam  was born in Ghana. He moved to Vermont to attend the famed school, University of Vermont. With a background in Fine Arts, Sam enrolled in Photography and Graphic Design. After graduating, Sam interned at Neo Studios in New York City, where he developed his skills and networked meeting various high-end photographers. Sam assisted photographers such as Matt Doyle, Tatsuro Nishimura, and  Peter Lindbergh with 2B Management.

Sam is acclaimed for his conspicuously pure approach to photography. With his signature use of color and tones and distinct need to enrich beauty in all his work, his images evoke a timeless quality, part retrospective and also exceptionally modern.

Sam’s extensive professional works include increasing celebrity portraits, e-commerce, still-life and lifestyle portfolios, including appearances by Paul Wall, MGK, Earth Gang, The Claremont Twins,and Dougie F.

His advertising clients include Jordache Andre Assous , Net-a-porter, Hawken & Dumar, HotSox, DTLR, Brink212, Ray Styles, Black Pyramid, and Jimmy Jazz, among many others.

Sam is currently based in New York City.

Freddy Suarez Jr (Business Partner)